Mallory Park needs support

Mallory Park is calling upon its supporters to attend a meeting at Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council on July 10th.

The council have advised the track to be limited to just 92 days per year, which would result in complete closure due to the lack of financial viability.

Mallory Park has shut down the motocross and drifting, and offered to change track days and times but the council has ignored these compromises.

An independent report on the effect Mallory Park has on the local economy has also been overlooked, it reported that the park brings in over £10 million and provides 145 jobs.

The council meeting is a public event and will take place at 1830 hours in the council chamber at

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, Hinckley Hub, Rugby Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0FR

The future of Lorry cabs

Lorry cabs have been box shaped for decades.  It’s bad for fuel consumption and lethal in accidents.

Now the European Commission say it wants to change the rules governing the size of lorries to help protect pedestrians and cyclists.  And this involves making them bigger.

They want to allow manufacturers to make more aerodynamic lorry cabs, and officials claim it will improve driver visibility and will save hundreds of lives as well as cutting approximately £1300 per lorry per year off the diesel bill.

The current shape was the result of well meaning EU rules from nearly 20 years ago, and a size limit was introduced to protect the roads and bridges from huge vehicles.

There are a few exceptions, but articulated lorries in the UK are normally no more than 16.5m long and 44 tonnes in weight.  So to maximise the payload, manufacturers have always squashed the size of the cab.

If the new rules come in, designers will be able to flex their brains on futuristic shapes.  These shapes are like the Concept S, MAN’s vision of the future.

Just like a car, the Concept S is shaped to deflect a person away from the vehicle, and it has bigger windows and cameras instead of mirrors, which will clear up some of the blind spots.  It also drinks less fuel.