Bolton Classic Car Rally has returned

A CLASSIC car rally, last held eight years ago, is making a comeback to Bolton to raise money for the mayor’s charity which will provide funds for Bolton Hospice, Bolton Lads and Girls Club, and the Sensory Centre for the Blind and Fortalice.

So far 50 vehicles of all ages and makes which includes Fred Dibnah’s Land Rover have been signed up for the classic car run which will start in Victoria Square, Bolton, and take in 50 miles of the Lancashire countryside.

The rally, on Sunday, April 6, will set off from Victoria Square at 10.30am at which point the participants will be given their route, which is kept a mystery until the day.

Are you thinking of getting a classic?

If you are thinking about buying a classic, there are a few things that you need to consider apart from the obvious things like finance and insurance

You need to find out how many were made and how many are left.  Is it widely acknowledged as desirable, and probably most importantly are there any comparative examples for sale to give you a rough idea of the market value.

This is a BIG must wherever possible.  Is it documented and undisputed.  Does the car have an interesting previous owner which might enhance the value of the car.

Is it mint or does it need some work?  If it’s the latter, is it usable and do you have a lot of time to give to the car, and possibly a lot of money.

What can you do with the car?  In other words, can you get in and start it up at the weekend without having to do some precision engineering

Truck Maker MAN are suffering

MAN, who have their headquarters in Munich, have provided evidence that the euro zone financial crisis is hitting the common currency’s most powerful economy.

Their workers are facing shorter hours and lower pay.  More than 5000 people are affected.  In the first instance, the company expects the reduced hours to continue for six months and they will review it.

The blow is being softened by a government scheme for reduced hours work, and the Government makes up 60% of the lost income, in the case of MAN, another 30% is being found by changing the timing of workers bonus payments.  Even with this, the workers going onto shorter hours are taking pay cuts.

New Events Listed on Classic Motor History

There are plenty of car events taking place this month.

Have a look at the Classic Motor History calendar to see if there is anything near you.  If you know of any events that you think should be listed please contact us.


History of Mack Trucks

America has always had a love affair with automobiles, and in the early 1900s, trucks were an afterthought and were being assembled using surplus car parts.  John Mack changed this.

In 1893, John and his brother Augustus purchased a small carriage and wagon building firm in Brocklyn.  In 1900, they opened their first bus manufacturing plant and this venture paid off when the brothers introduced their first successful vehicle, a 40hp, 20 seat, passenger bus. 

The prototype “Old Number 1″ was so successful that other orders soon followed.  The Mack’s three other brothers joined in the formation of the Mack Brothers Company and by 1911, they were the premier manufacturer of heavy duty trucks making 600 units a year.

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